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If you are an architect, lines drawn must contain a meaning and the meaning must be based upon your idea, which shapes the project you are working on. Each line and shape relate to a piece of projected reality and they dictate the exact order of things.

They are the basis of things, they set the whole game but are rarely playful. They are colourless, only dress up as per budget and they always follow a cause-and-effect principle. (at least that applies to me) Long story short, they are part of a serious business , Architecture.

So what if I take my lines on a trip sometimes ?

Guess what … A Lekkron emerges !!!

I don’t know, but somehow, on any medium whether it’s a pen and paper or 3d sculpting app they just emerge!!! 

You can call them weird sea creatures or lovely flowers; however you like …

I would like to describe them as liberation of hands from the boundaries of a rational mind and liberation of the rational mind from the boundaries of myself.


                                                                                                                                 BdB aka Albert Lekkron

                                                                                                                      architect, VR developer ,digital artist, dj

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